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About me

My voice

I feel like I can bring a more quiet laid-back energy with my voice, but I also have a lot of emotion I want to express. My age range is skewed to the young adult side, teen to early thirties. I can be light-hearted but I can still sound knowledgeable and authoritative when I need to be.

Why I'm in voice acting

As a kid, I would always be playing around with my voice. Every time I would watch something I would do lines from it trying to change my voice to be like the characters, especially if they had an interesting accent. I remember one time my family and I were on a trip to visit some family I did my Mr. Scott from Star Trek bit, and nearly made my uncle drive off the road he was laughing so hard.

I've always had the desire to entertain people. I'm the person who tries to ensure that everyone around me is having a good time. So getting into the entertainment industry just felt sort of natural and I've always gravitated towards it. 

How I work with people

When approaching a collaborative work of art, I like to think of it as a puzzle. You have a group of people all making their own piece of the puzzle and we all have to balance making it our own, so it's still interesting, and still being able to fit all the pieces together and it feels cohesive. I have a lot of experience in this from playing in my school band to my time in college studying game design, so it’s a space I am comfortable working in.

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